A Commitment to Research and Development

Together we are a web of knowledge woven from Humboldt’s cannabis legacy. We honor the traditions that this unique region has created.  We support the farmers and we are an integral part of this tightly knitted community.  We are committed to bringing the Humboldt County values for cannabis excellence to the world.  

To achieve this requires many gifted people.  We are a finely orchestrated symphony of moving parts equally scientific, artisan and inspirational. We are the entire picture. From cultivation to final distribution – we are fully committed to excellence. 

Our Roots

Years before legalization, Bear Extraction House founders Casey Eliason and Taylor Lefevre began asking themselves how such a coveted resource could emerge from the shadows and bring to light the many discoveries created by famed Humboldt cannabis artisans. 

Natives of Humboldt County with years of cultivation experience, Casey and Taylor created a vision for a physical hub where local cultivators and manufacturers could come together to explore and improve their crafts. With that courage and spirit of innovation, the BEAR Extraction House journey began.

From its inception, Bear has been leading and defining the industry. Bear was first to launch a full spectrum live resin cart, the first to offer live resin in a fully ceramic cart and the first to design and bring to market a low temperature battery so as to protect the natural terpenes in live resin. 

Much more is to come.  Our commitment to research and development, our values of authenticity (never any additives, always single strain, always full spectrum), and our focus to bring the finest, new cannabis experiences imaginable to the cannabis consumer, ensures we will introduce more industry-defining products in the months and years to come.  


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