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Live Resin

Live resin is derived from fresh, frozen cannabis flower through a cryogenic process by which the pure essence of cannabis is brought to life. Live resin is the closest one can get to experiencing the full flavor of living cannabis — an olfactory/sensory snapshot in time of cannabis at its peak. Our bulk live resin is sold in single batches, of single strains, from single sources.



Live resin is a mixture that consists of two main components: THCa crystals (diamonds), and terpenes. As live resin is cured over the course of weeks, and sometimes months; much of the THC will crystallize, forming diamond structures that can be separated and harvested from the solution. The diamond fraction of curing live resin can be processed and sold separately in bulk. We sell strain-specific bulk diamonds, a versatile component with many possible cannabis manufacturing applications.


Liquid Diamond Sauce

Liquid Diamond Sauce is created using a proprietary method of liquifying and stabilizing live resin.  The end result is a high quality solution of activated THC and full-spectrum terpenes, naturally derived and unique to each strain.  To be Liquid Diamond Sauce means that there can be no blended distillate or botanical additives, only the natural cannabinoids and terpenes of every strain chosen for extraction.  All of our Liquid Diamond Sauce is single strain; consisting of a full terpene spectrum, and is free of distillate or non-cannabis additives.

High Terpene Extract

HTE is the counterpart fraction to live resin diamonds. It is composed of THCa and other cannabinoids suspended in a terpene-rich solution. HTE is the flavor component of live resin extracts, and the Bear process ensures that the quality and integrity of these strain-specific terpenes are preserved. Our HTE is the finest, purest, single strain terpene extract available on the market.